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FLIR Thermal imaging

FLIR maritime thermal imagers detect and display invisible heat sources reliably and in great clarity. So you can utilise them for everything from sea search and man overboard duty, to navigation, collision avoidance, security, oil slick detection and even iceberg spotting. 

The FLIR maritime range runs from very simple but highly capable handheld thermal cameras, through to sophisticated fixed mount thermal cameras with multiple sensors, gyro stabilisation and tracking capabilities.

du Pré Marine has a deep knowledge of this product range and thermal imaging applications. We support marine systems integrators, marine electronics companies, boat builders, shipyards, engineers, captains and vessel management companies to ensure you have optimal advice and first class back-up.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras

FLIR Fixed Mount Thermal Cameras

FLIR thermal imaging cameras
FLIR BHM Series handheld thermal image cameras

FLIR handheld thermal cameras

View FLIR thermal images on global leading Hatteland monitors

Improve light at sea by using high technology Colorlight searchlights