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FLIR M322 thermal imaging camera

FLIR M322 thermal imaging camera

Why choose the FLIR M322?

The FLIR M332 meets the needs of more modest purchasing budgets while still providing advanced gyro-stabilisation and high-performance thermal imaging with a 320 x 256 thermal detector. The M322 can detect a 30ft vessel as far away as 1nm in complete darkness and heavy seas. 

Offering an all-weather design loaded with one of the most advanced 320 x 256 FLIR thermal imaging cores, the M322 delivers awareness-enhancing thermal vision for law enforcement, commercial, and recreational applications.

Advanced gyro-stabilisation and high-performance thermal imaging detect obstacles and targets in complete darkness and heavy seas, allowing safe navigation, safety management and security detection in the most challenging conditions.

FLIR JCU-2 thermal image camera joystick controller
Thermal image from a FLIR M322 marine thermal imaging camera
Safe navigation in low visibility environments

Thermal imaging offers vision in complete darkness, glare, and light fog.

FLIR thermal imaging integration schematic
Seamless integration

Exceptional connectivity with navigation and security systems.

Rough seas
A steady view in rough seas

Two-axis mechanical stabilisation virtually eliminates the effects of pitch, heave, and yaw.

FLIR M322 specification


  • Focus – Fixed 12 ft (3m) to infinity
  • Image Processing – FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement
  • Thermal Detector Type – 320 x 256 VOx Microbolometer
  • Thermal E-Zoom – 4x Continuous
  • Thermal Field of View – 24 ° x 18 °
  • Thermal Focal Length – 9.1 mm
  • Video Refresh Rate –30 Hz or <9 Hz


  • Analogue Video Connector Types – BNC
  • Analogue Video Output – NTSC/PAL User Settable
  • ClearCruise IR Analytics – Yes, with Raymarine Axiom
  • Current Peak – 10.0 A
  • Firefighter Mode – No
  • Gyro Stabilised – Yes
  • HD-SDI Lossless Video Output – Yes
  • Network Video Output – Two, Independent H.264/MJPEG Network Video Streams
  • ONVIF Conformance – Profile S
  • Operating Voltage Range –  -10% to +30% of Nominal Supply Range
  • Pan-Tilt Adjustment Range – 360° Continuous Pan, ± 90° Tilt
  • Power Consumption – 41 W (typical) 56 W (max)


  • Automatic Window Defrost – Standard at Power-Up
  • EMI – IEC60945
  • Lightning Protection – Near Strike at 2kV
  • Operating Temperature Range –  -13°F to +131°F (-25°C to +55°C)
  • Salt Mist – IEC60945
  • Sand & Dust Ingress –Mil-Std-810E or IP6X
  • Shock – 15g vertical, 9g horizontal
  • Storage Temperature Range – -22°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
  • Vibration – IEC60945
  • Water Ingress – IPX6 (heavy seas, power jets of water)
  • Wind – 100 knots (115.2 MPH)


  • Size – Camera: 8.7” (222mm) x 12.9” (328mm) / Camera with Top-Down Riser: 10.0” (254mm) x 14.4” (366mm)
  • Weight – Camera: 13.9lbs (6.3kg) / Camera with Top-Down Riser: 14.9lbs (6.8kg)


  • Detect a 30-foot Vessel – 1.0nm (1850m)
  • Detect Human Sized Target – 0.3nm (560m)
  • NATO Target 2.3m x 2.3m at 50 Pct. – 0.7nm (1285m)

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