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Luminell marine searchlights and LED lights from Glamox

Improving light at sea

Glamox has taken an essential tool of commercial and military vessels, superyachts and leisure boats and completely revolutionised a hitherto traditional approach to provide searchlight solutions of the future – today.

Key attributes of all Luminell searchlights include:

  • Unlimited movement – thanks to innovative weather-tight slip-ring technology the lights can pan and tilt 360° without any restrictions
  • Intelligent control – multi-function controls can be installed at one or more positions and Luminell searchlights can also integrate with other systems
  • Extraordinary light – Luminell has optimised the colour temperature, CLI (Colour Rendering Index) and emission levels to provide superior performance. Plus the  twin searchlight head with flexible control and options gives both superior performance and excellent redundancy
  • Solid service – robust stainless steel housings, no external moving parts and superior engineering, plus unit maintenance feedback and fault reporting make Luminell the number one choice for applications where downtime is simply not acceptable or desirable
Colorlight CLITE 2 IR
Several models in the Luminell range can also be configured to carry an integrated thermal image camera, including the Luminell SL2 marine LED searchlight, a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award

Luminell LED searchlights

Luminell SL2 marine searchlight

Maintenance-free, energy-efficient, powerful LED searchlight with a small installation footprint suitable for patrol, SAR and windfarm vessels, workboats, superyachts and leisure vessels. A version with an onboard thermal imager, the SL2IR, is also available

Colorlight HID searchlights

Luminell CL38

The most powerful of the Luminell High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp searchlight models, based on HMI light technology. Featuring dual 800W lamps in a robust, fully articulating stainless steel housing with built-in light-scatter shielding to reduce deck spill. Originally known as the ColorLight CL38.

Colorlight CL35 HID marine searchlight

Luminell CL35

Based on HMI 575W lamp technology, the Luminell CL35 searchlight can be equipped with standard lamps, and the alternate of one or both housings can be equipped with 575W UV lamps for superior detection of oil spills. Each lantern can be focused separately. Originally known as the ColorLight CL35

Luminell CL25

This medium sized model in Luminell’s HID searchlight range uses HMI 400W lamp technology, but cleverly maximises efficiency through a specially designed parabolic reflector. The Luminell CL25 can be mounted housing up or down and, like the CL35, can be fitted with a combination of white and UV light, according to preference. Originally known as the ColorLight CL25.

Professional type approved lighting systems for all applications aboard ship

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