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Hatteland Display monitors and computers

Unrivalled screens and PCs

Norwegian technology leader Hatteland Display AS pioneers, develops and supports its range of type approved display and computer products that are suitable for the most challenging of environments. Its in-house specialities include:

  • an optical bonding facility, to improve the viewing performance, reliability and lifespan of marine displays
  • an ECDIS colour calibration facility to completely fulfil IMO requirements for its type approved ECDIS displays

Effective investment in sophisticated in-house manufacturing and quality assurance processes enables the consistent delivery of a very wide range of type approved and MiL specification displays and integrated marine PCs that can be relied to provide essential service, whether as part of a complex glass bridge or simple single screen.

du Pré Marine is a specialist partner of Hatteland Display AS, with much experience in the application and support of the company’s products, from the smallest monitors to the very latest 55in 4k display and integrated PCs.

Hatteland 55in 4k UHD touch screen type approved screen on adjustable chart table pedestal

Hatteland Series X MVD

Series X MVD (Multi Vision Display) models provide large UHD 4K resolution type approved monitors with high quality brightness and contrast. Currently available in 32in 3840 x 2160 and 55in multi-touch optically bonded models, the latter also with the option of a power adjustable chart table and planning pedestal. The ability of Hatteland Series X MVD displays to manage multiple windows in one screen enables almost infinite control of navigation and systems from one screen.

Hatteland Series X G2

Series X G2 (Generation 2) screens were designed from the outset for the professional maritime sector, with a focus on reliability, long lifespan and excellent performance. Key options include Hatteland’s Glass Display Control™ solid state menu system, LED backlight technology, full dimming and multipower. Options include multi-touch screen, optical bonding and ECDIS calibration. G2 models currently include 24in 1920 x 1080 widescreen, 26in 1920 x 1200 WUXGA widescreen and 27in 1920 x 1080 FHD widescreen models.

Hatteland 27in Series X G2 marine type approved monitor
Hatteland Series X G1 monitor

Hatteland Series X G1

Series X G1 screens feature an aesthetically pleasing yet sleek and robust design, based around an aluminium chassis that can be desk or console mounted. All products in this extensive range undergo quality assurance processes, including HALT (highly Accelerated Life Testing). These tests far surpass the requirements of EN60945 and E10. Screen sizes include 8in 800 x 480, 12in and 15in 1024 x 768, 17in and 19in 1280 x 1024, 24in 1920 x 1080 widescreen and 26in 1920 x 1200, in a very wide range of configurations and multi input options. Please speak to us for recommendations.

Hatteland Series X G1 High Bright

Series X G1 screens are also available in High Bright versions for outside applications where sunlight would otherwise bleach out the image. The screens are also optically bonded, to negate issues such as condensation, reflection, dust and overheating. High Bright screen sizes include 12in and 15in 1024 x 768, 17in and 19in 1280 x 1024 and 24in 1920 x 1080 widescreen, in a very wide range of configurations. Please speak to us for recommendations.

Hatteland Display can offer optically bonding within a specialist unit at its own factory
Hatteland Display Series 1 type approved monitor

Hatteland Series 1

Series 1 displays are perfectly suited to use aboard a wide range of vessels including commercial ships, workboats, coastguard boats and naval vessels. This latest generation of the Series 1 has been redesigned to upgrade a number of features, including improved connectivity. Screen sizes include 15in 1024 x 768, 19in 1280 x 1024 in normal and slim frame versions, 20in and 23in 1600 x 1200 and 22in 1650 x 1050. Many options are available including multipower, ECDIS compliance and optical bonding. Please speak to us about your application.

Hatteland MIL Qualified

Based upon Series 1 displays but 901D shock-qualified and certified for C4, Navigation and Automation, Hatteland’s Naval Line models are designed from experience to to handle shock, vibration and EMI and hence meet the very highest demands of military applications. This makes them perfect for installation on everything from patrol boats to destroyers, submarines and aircraft carriers. All models are based on a 20.1in 1600 x 1200 screen and many options are available including ECDIS compliance and optical bonding. Please speak to us about your application.

Hatteland Display MIL specification 20.1in monitor
Hatteland Display marine type approved Panel PC

Hatteland Panel PCs

Hatteland offers fully integrated Panel Computers for most of its screen sizes. At the start of 2017 it added a second generation of Series X Panel Computers including 27in, 26in and 24in models. These are designed to serve the needs of integrated bridge system designs that use a data-centric approach. These latest designs utilise Intel’s Skylake processors and solid state drives. They can be configured in a large number of ways and operating system options include Windows and Linux. Please speak with us about your specific requirements so that we can assist with the best options for you.

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