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FLIR marine thermal imaging cameras

FLIR’s fixed-mount maritime thermal imaging and low-light cameras offer a broad range of capabilities to suit every application and budget.

du Pre Marine is a specialist distributor and service centre for FLIR thermal imaging cameras – our experience with FLIR’s M series is particularly unrivalled. We offer unique knowledge to assist shipyards, boat manufacturers and integrators for this world-leading range.

Our expertise spans standard installs, complex integrations, recording applications and shore-to-ship monitoring and control. Please speak to us today about the best choices of FLIR marine thermal imaging cameras for any application and explore the possibilities of getting the best out of this essential marine safety, security and navigation investment.


The most advanced M-Series marine thermal imager yet, based around a cooled Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal sensor with excellent short-range and ultra-long-range target detection.


Designed particularly for first response missions, the FLIR M400XR combines high performance 640 x 480 thermal imaging with a long-range HD camera, tight-beam LED spotlight. It also offers active gyro-stabilisation, radar tracking and integrated video tracking, plus a special firefighter mode with target temperature meter and isotherms.


Multi-sensor thermal imaging with active gyro stabilisation, an advanced 640 x 480 sensor and lowlight camera, in an incredibly compact housing.


The M364C LR uses multispectral imaging to deliver exclusive FLIR Colour Thermal Vision™ (CTV) technology. Colour Thermal Vision blends visible camera details with a thermal image, enabling those on watch to identify navigation aids, vessels, and other fixed and moving targets within the image.


Featuring a high-definition low-light camera and one of the most advanced FLIR thermal imaging cores, the M364C provides an elite level of awareness on the water.


The FLIR M364 features advanced gyro-stabilisation and high-performance thermal imaging with a 640×512 thermal detector to reveal obstacles and targets in complete darkness and heavy seas, allowing safe navigation in the most challenging conditions.


The FLIR M332 provides low price point access to advanced gyro-stabilisation and high-performance thermal imaging with a 320 x 256 thermal detector to reveal obstacles and targets in complete darkness and heavy seas.


Combining a high-performance visible marine camera with long-range optical zoom capability and advanced gyro-stabilisation, the FLIR M300C offers positive target identification in low light for law enforcement, commercial, and recreational applications.


The FLIR MD625 is an affordable, compact fixed-mounted thermal night vision system with a 640 x 480 resolution thermal sensor that reveals vessels and obstacles in total darkness and even midday glare. Simple to mount and easy to integrate into your existing electronics.

FLIR M324CS marine thermal imaging camera
FLIR M200 marine thermal imaging camera with pan and tilt


The FLIR MD324 offers a particularly affordable, compact, fixed-mounted thermal night vision system with a 320 x 256 resolution thermal detector that helps with steering around obstacles, collision avoidance, and finding people in the water at night. The MD-Series outputs standard analogue video for easy display on almost any monitor anywhere on the vessel.


The M232 pan and tilt camera is one of FLIR’s smallest and affordable marine thermal cameras. Featuring a resolution of 320 × 240, the M232 improves safety by revealing vessels and obstacles at night. Enjoy 360 degree viewing while underway.

FLIR M324CS marine thermal imaging camera

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