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FLIR M400XR thermal imaging camera


Why choose the FLIR M400XR?

Designed particularly for first response missions, the FLIR M400XR combines high performance 640 x 480 thermal imaging with a long-range HD camera, tight-beam LED spotlight. It also offers active gyro-stabilisation, radar tracking and integrated video tracking, plus a special firefighter mode with target temperature meter and isotherms.

The FLIR M400XR marine thermal imaging camera is a versatile, high-performance pan/tilt marine camera system designed for best-in-class short and long-range target identification.

The M400XR’s advanced 640×480 sensor delivers crisp thermal video images in total darkness and lowlight conditions. An integrated HD colour visible camera and tight-beam LED spotlight augment target identification for added safety.

The FLIR M400XR  has a continuous optical thermal zoom lens (up to 4X) that allows operators to see other vessels and targets at longer ranges. Active gyro-stabilisation ensures a steady image, plus radar tracking and video tracking keeps potentially dangerous targets in view at all times. 

Short and long-range detection

Recognise marine traffic and key landmarks at night using continuous variable zoom from nearby buoys in channels to key landmarks, such as islands or docks

FLIR M400XR marine firefighting mode
Marine firefighting mode

The FLIR M400XR offers a marine fire fighting mode engineered for fireboats and rescue craft. Survey the scene and immediately see hotspots with a firefighting specific isothermic colour palette. The M400XR instantly shows you temperatures on-screen to help you locate hot spots, plan your approach and save lives and property. The FLIR M400XR sees through smoke, steam and darkness and identifies targets in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics.

FLIR M400XR features

  • Thermal imaging camera and low light camera – the FLIR M400XR  combines a high resolution 640 x 480 thermal sensor with optical zoom ranging from 6° to 18° (horizontal field of view) and a HD colour lowlight camera with 30x optical zoom.
  • Digital Detail Enhancement – DDE assures a crisp thermal image, even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics.
  • Gyro-stabilised – ensures steady viewing in heavy sea conditions and smaller vessels.
  • LED spotlight – illuminate and identify nearby targets with the FLIR M400XR’s powerful integrated 5° LED beam.
  • Tracking – radar integration enables the FLIR M400XR thermal imaging and lowlight camera to follow radar targets. You can also automatically track objects in the camera’s view.
  • Easy-to-use Pan/Tilt system – utilising an intuitive joystick control which allows the captain to see 360° horizontal and/or +/-90° vertically, offering excellent situational awareness.
  • Lightweight and versatile – can be installed at any position on board, ball up or down.
  • Remote control panel – a remote Joystick Control Unit (JCU) is rated to IP66 and operates the Pan/Tilt, zoom, camera switch, image quality and on screen menus. Additional JCUs are optionally available for additional control locations and you can also control the FLIR M400XR via PC, web browser and via integration with leading multifunction navigation displays (MNDs) via the Nexus SDK.
  • Rugged housing – operates in temperature ranges of -20°C to 55°C with automatic window defrost. Two-year warranty extended to three years on registration.
  • Display – images can be displayed on virtually any existing multifunction display that accepts composite video such as a chartplotter, computer display or television. du Pré Marine can supply suitable displays if required. Interfaces include dual, independent H.264 Network Video Streams, HD-SDI Lossless Digital Video Interface, High Definition Serial Data Interface, Broadcast-quality video output, HD video over coax cable, Switchable Composite Analog Video Output (SD) NTSC or PAL.
  • Video tracking – The M400XR can be locked onto any target using its visible or thermal cameras. Once engaged the system will pan and tilt the camera automatically to keep that target in view until it drops out of range.

View FLIR thermal images on global leading Hatteland monitors

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