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FLIR M-617CS thermal imaging camera

FLIR M-617CS thermal imaging camera


The gyro-stabilised FLIR M-617CS  next gen model is optimised for spotting targets at long distance with a 17° x 14° field of view and offers effective small craft detection out to 2.1nm

The next-gen CS versions of the FLIR M-Series combines a thermal imaging camera with the option of a low light camera in one extremely neat and robust housing. They provide crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness and light fog or smoke.

Packaged in an ultra-compact gimbal the FLIR M-Series is designed for the most demanding boating and maritime applications. It is a perfect tool for night time navigation, shipboard security, man overboard situations, anti-piracy and many other applications. The FLIR M-Series sets a new standard for everything from aesthetic design to technical capability in a small installed profile.

The M-Series made its mark when it was named winner of the prestigious 2009 DAME Awards for the original M-626L model. The range has now been given a significant next-gen upgrade, including the long-range FLIR M-617CS featured here. Other current models in the range include the FLIR M-324CS, M-625CS, FLIR M400 and FLIR M500.

FLIR JCU1 thermal image camera joystick controller
FLIR colour low light camera image
Colour at low light

The thermal capabilities of the FLIR M-617CS are enhanced by the presence of a colour low light camera that can operate down to 1.4 lux and features a 36x optical zoom. Together you have the perfect combination for manoverboard, security and navigation duties.

FLIR thermal image of a boat dropping contraband
Detection even on the darkest night

The FLIR thermal imaging technology in the M-Series can detect small craft and objects in the water from their differences in temperature signature, including items such as contraband that would be difficult or impossible to identify using radar.

FLIR M-617CS features

  • Thermal imaging camera and low light camera – a perfect combination for the darkest of nights, or when at least some light like moonlight or back-scatter like waterfront lighting is present.
  • Detailed  thermal images – 640 x 480 pixels on which the smallest of details can be seen, with a field of view of 17° x 14° and 2x and 4x zoom. Expected detection ranges of 0.8nm for manoverboard and 2.1nm for small craft.
  • Colour at low lux – the FLIR M-617CS features a 530-line colour CCD that operates down to 1.4 lux and offers 36x optical zoom and 12x e-zoom.
  • Stable images – next generation FLIR M-Series cameras now offer gyro-stabilisation as standard across the range.
  • Track targets – the next-gen FLIR M-Series offers slew-to-cue tracking from compatible radar, AIS and chart systems.
  • Designed for use in harsh maritime environments – FLIR M-Series cameras operate between -25°C and +55°C and are extremely rugged. Rated to IPX 6, well protected against sand and dust ingress and capable of dealing with 15G vertical and 9G horizontal shocks.
  • Easy-to-use Pan/Tilt system – utilising an intuitive joystick control which allows the captain to see 360° horizontally and/or +/-90° vertically, offering excellent situational awareness.
  • Lightweight and versatile – small physical footprint and versatile integration options.
  • Control options – control using a Joystick Control Unit (JCU) rated to IP66 operating the pan/tilt, zoom, camera switch, image quality and on screen menus, or via compatible multifunction screens.
  • Image freezing – the FLIR M-Series allow you to pause the video, freezing the current image on the screen, useful to more closely examine objects under observation.
  • Parking position – the FLIR M-Series can be set to a ‘parking position’ to protect the lens. This assures that the valuable lenses of the thermal imaging and the low light camera are protected.
  • Display – images can be displayed on virtually any existing multifunction display that accepts NTSC or PAL composite video such as a chartplotter, computer display or television. du Pré Marine can supply suitable high definition marine rated displays if required.

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