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Luminell marine searchlights and LED lights

Luminell CL38

The most powerful of the Luminell High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp searchlight models, based on  HMI light technology. Featuring dual 800W lamps in a robust, fully articulating stainless steel housing with built-in light-scatter shielding to reduce deck spill. Formerly known as the ColorLight CL38.

Colorlight CLITE2 LED marine searchlight

The CL38 offers extra-ordinary performance but from the same footprint as the CL35. It utilises twin 800W HMI metal halide lamps, variable beam widths, automatic sweeping, multiple fixed positions and much more. Plus it offers ColorLight\’s usual advantages of unlimited pan and tilt movement.

Focusing can be controlled individually from 3° to 20° in each lamphouse and the twin configuration provides redundancy also, to ensure high availability of the searchlight.

The CL38 is controlled by one or more remote stations which have a progressive joystick for the positioning of the light as well as a control display for settings, configurations and alerts. When not in use the CL38 can be parked in a position to suit its installation.

colorlight searchlight remote panel
800W HID high intensity discharge lamp
Highest intensity

The 800W HMI metal halide lamps of the ColorLight CL38, combined with its specially designed parabolic reflectors, provide it with 30 per cent light compared to the CL35.

Colorlight CL38 HID searchlight features

  • Light source – 2 x 800W HMI lamps
  • Lamp life – 1000 hours
  • Colour temperature – 6000K
  • Colour rendering index >90 Ra
  • Light intensity – 38.1m candela
  • Luminous flux – 130,000lm
  • Range – 6000m (1 lux)
  • Beam width – 3°-20°
  • Power consumption – 8.7A max load 100-240V AC
  • Weight searchlight head – 80kg
  • Static size searchlight head – 67cm x 113cm x 75cm
  • Supplied with – an Ebox power supply and remote control


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