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Luminell marine searchlights and LED lights

Luminell SL2 and SL2IR LED marine searchlight

Maintenance-free, energy-efficient, powerful LED searchlight from Glamox with a small installation footprint suitable for patrol, SAR and windfarm vessels, workboats, superyachts and leisure vessels. A version with an onboard thermal imager, the Luminell SL2IR, is also available

Colorlight CLITE2 LED marine searchlight

The SL2 is a game-changer in the world of searchlights with widespread adoption on new builds and for replacement of traditional halogen and tungsten lights. This extremely durable and long-lasting LED searchlight offers 18-32V DC and 100-240V AC power options.

The twin searchlight heads utilise LED modules developed by Luminell with a 5.7° beam width, single lamp operation and 75%, 50% and 25% dimming operation. They are energy efficient, highly reliable and mounted in Luminell’s brilliantly engineered, fully articulating stainless steel housing with unlimited pan and tilt.

The SL2 is controlled by one or more remote stations with a progressive joystick for the positioning of the light and a control display for settings and configurations.

colorlight searchlight remote panel
Glamox Luminell SL2 searchlight
Standard or thermal image options

The Luminell SL2 is offered by Glamox in standard (above) and IR options (top picture). The latter contains a thermal imager that pans in common with the searchlight.

Luminell SL2 LED marine searchlight features

  • Light source – dual LED modules developed by Luminell, dimmable and adjustable beam focus
  • Colour temperature – 6000K
  • Colour rendering index – 70 (minimum)
  • Light output – Spot beam 3.5° / 40.000 lm / 3.4 MCd
    Flood beam 15° / 24.000 lm
  • Range – 1850m (1 lux)
  • Beam width – 5.7°
  • Power  – 18-32 VDC or 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz. Maximum Power Draw – 800W
  • Weight searchlight head – 28kg
  • Dimensions – 26cm x 65cm x 50cm
  • Construction – 26cm x 65cm x 50cm
  • Supporting equipment – For a working searchlight system also choose:
    an Ebox (AC or DC version),
    cable length for mandatory power and signal cables and operator panel(s).

Professional type approved lighting systems for all applications aboard ship

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