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FLIR Ocean Scout TK thermal image camera

FLIR Scout TK handheld marine thermal image camera

FLIR Ocean Scout TK

Eminently pocket-able and at a budget to suit individuals and the inventories of the smallest craft, the Scout TK offers 160 x 120 resolution and video and still thermal image capture

The FLIR Ocean Scout TK brings high quality thermal imaging into the realms of the completely affordable for someone to carry in a crew bag, or for the smallest boat to include in its inventory.

You can use it out on deck in all conditions, from pitch to glaring sunshine, to spot humans, marine mammals, obstructions, navigation marks, ice and anything else that offers any kind of temperature difference to its surroundings. Compared to night scopes, FLIR thermal imaging is particularly good at sorting out otherwise confusing situations presented by back scatter from shore lights and deck floods.

The FLIR Ocean Scout starts within five seconds, requires no training and is operated with simple buttons that are  large enough to be used with a gloved hand.

FLIR Scout TK colour palette supported thermal image
The FLIR Scout TK supports multiple user selectable colour palettes for the display
Components supplied with the FLIR Ocean Scout TK handheld thermal image camera
What\’s in the box?

The FLIR Ocean Scout TK is supplied with a USB cable, wrist strap and quick start guide. That\’s all you need to use the camera

FLIR Ocean Scout TK features

  • Detector – 160 x 120 VOx microbolometer
  • Field of view – 20° x 16°
  • Built in display – 640 x 480 LCD with user selectable colour palettes to enable you to view objects of different temperatures in the hues that you personally find most intuitive
  • Capturing what you see – the Ocean Scout TK permits the capture of thermal video and still images Image download is via a USB cable (supplied)
  • Battery life (operating) – circa 5 hours
  • Operating temperature – -20°C to 40°C
  • Weight – 170g
  • Size – 10.2cm x 3.8cm

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