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FLIR LS-X thermal image camera

FLIR LS-R handheld thermal image camera, hardened for security use


Hardened for security duties, the FLIR LS-X offers 336 x 256 resolution, 2x and 4x zoom, simple control, video output, a red laser pointer and a start time of under 1.5 seconds for instant response to threats

The FLIR LS-X offers similar capabilities to the maritime Ocean Scout 320 but in a subdued colour housing to match security requirements and with a red laser pointer for target identification and with a 2x and 4x zoom. The LS-X utlises a 336 x 256 resolution VOx Microbolometer with anticipated detection range for a person out to 570m and a small craft or similar at 1550m.

The FLIR LS-X is also suitably rugged and submersible, rated to IP67 and drop test rated to 1m.

Control is via large, simple buttons on the top surface of the camera, which are easy to operate, even with a gloved hand. Start up time is in the region of 1.5 seconds and battery life when operating circa five hours.

FLIR LS-X camera InstAlert thermal image showing hotter objects in red
The FLIR LS–X offers an InstAlert™ mode to automatically highlight objects with a sharply contrasting temperature such as a person in the water.
Image showing a smoke filled doorway and a person hiding behind, revealed by a FLIR LS Series thermal imaging camera
See past the smoke

FLIR thermal images can reveal intruders using smoke and heavy foliage as cover

FLIR LS-X features

  • Detector – 336 x 256 VOx microbolometer
  • Field of view – 17° x 13°
  • Zoom – 2x and 4x
  • Built in display – 640 x 480 LCD with user selectable black hot, white hot and InstAlert™ colour palettes to enable you to view objects of different temperatures, in the hues that you personally find most intuitive
  • Video output – supports composite video output
  • Added security features – incorporates a red laser pointer to aid target identification
  • Battery life (operating) – circa 5 hours
  • Rugged construction – rated to IP67 submersible, drop tested to 1m and capable of operating at temperatures between-20°C to 50°C (-10°C to 50°C for laser pointer)
  • Weight – 340g
  • Size – 17cm x 5.9cm x 6.2cm

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