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FLIR MD-series thermal imaging cameras

FLIR MD Series thermal imaging cameras

FLIR MD Series

Affordable, compact and easily integrated, with 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 resolution options on a fixed mount

The FLIR MD-Series offers a fixed mount marine thermal imaging camera at the lowest yet price point in the maritime range, in a modest form factor suitable for the smallest boats and tightest installation locations.

The MD-Series is offered in two models, the MD-324 with a 320 × 240 sensor and the MD-625 with a 640 x 480 sensor.

Both models output analogue video that can be viewed on a wide range of marine electronics and monitors. The MD Series is powered through a PoE Ethernet connection.

FLIR Mobile app
The MD range cameras can be controlled if required via FLIR\’s iOS mobile app
Installationm adjustments for the FLIR MD Series
Installation adjustments

The FLIR MD Series uses a fixed head but adjustments in pan and tilt are possible prior to locking the unit off when installing it.

FLIR MD-Series features

  • Thermal imaging camera – the best technology for night vision usage.
  • Choice of systems – the FLIR M-324 utilises a 320 x 240 VOx Microbolometer sensor offering a 24° x 18° field of view with 2 x e-zoom. Typical useful range is 440m for man-overboard applications and 1340m for spotting small vessels.
    The FLIR M-625 utilises a 640 x 480 VOx Microbolometer sensor offering a 25° x 20° field of view with 2x and 4x e-zoom. Typical useful range is 930m for man-overboard applications and 2800m for spotting small vessels.
  • Designed for use in harsh maritime environments – FLIR M-Series cameras operate between -25°C and +55°C and are extremely rugged. The core is rated to IP66 and is well protected against humidity and water. A built-in demist on start-up system ensures a clear lens.
  • Lightweight and versatile – can be installed at any position on board, ball up or down.
  • Display – images can be displayed on virtually any existing multifunction display that accepts composite video such as a chartplotter, computer display or television. du Pré Marine can supply suitable displays if required.
  • Ethernet enabled – for simple integration.
  • Small form factor – just 18cm (7in) high.

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