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FLIR M200 thermal imaging camera

FLIR M200 maritime thermal image camera


The smallest adjustable tilt and pan marine thermal camera in FLIR’s range offers 320 x 240 resolution, IP video technology, advanced detection features and accessible pricing

The FLIR M200 is the latest addition to the lowest cost end of its fixed mount maritime thermal imagers that offers both pan and tilt. It utilises the latest Boson™ thermal core with a resolution of 320 x 240 and 2x zoom capacity.

The M200 uses IP connectivity and, like its sibling, the tilt only FLIR M100, can be controlled by a laptop, by FLIR\’s JCU-3 controller or via a Raymarine Lighthouse compatible multifunction screen.

If connected to a computer you simply call the FLIR M200\’s IP address on a web browser and control all of its functions on screen. All of this is available at a very low access price.


FLIR M100 thermal imaging camera connections
FLIR JCU-3 joystick controller
Multiple control options

The FLIR M100 can be controlled via a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone, or on a compatible multifunction display, or via FLIR\’s compact JCU3 joystick controller

FLIR M200 features

  • Thermal imaging camera – Boson™ core offering 320 x 256 resolution and 2x zoom.
  • Tilt range – +110° to -90°.
  • Pan range – continuous 360°.
  • Range of user control options – either via optional joystick control or via a networked computer, tablet, smartphone or compatible multifunction screen.
  • Easy installation – requires just a network cable and 12V or 24V supply. Compact size of just 161mm diameter and 229mm height. Can be installed ball up or down.
  • Digital Detail Enhancement – the M100 utilises FLIR\’s proprietary detail enhancement technology to improve detection of targets.
  • Rugged housing – operates in temperature ranges of -20°C to 55°C and winds up to 87kn; IP67 rated.
  • Video output – H264 IP stream
  • Additional features – available if connected to a Raymarine Lighthouse v2 (version 17 upwards) or v3 screen including ClearCruise™ analytics to provide audible and visual alerts of \’non-water\’ objects.

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