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Luminell marine searchlights and LED lights

ColorLight CLIR models

ColorLight offers a thermal image camera version of its CL20, CL25, CL35 and CLITE 2 searchlights with a 13° x 10° field of view, 800m detection of a person in the water and 2000m range to a vessel, plus a heated germanium protective screen. The camera pans with the searchlight, taking advantage of its infinite pan and tilt

ColorLight CLIR searchlight thermal camera and daylight camera platform

ColorLight CLIR denotes the option of adding a thermal image camera housing to the CL20, CL25 and CL35 models at the time of build (it is not possible to retrospectively fit the housing).

CLIR models all utilise a thermal image camera from industry leader FLIR that offers vessel detection out to 2000m and manoverboard detection to 800m. The camera is robustly housed behind a heated germanium protective screen, pans with the searchlight and offers a +/- 20° vertical movement. The searchlights and camera can be controlled independently.

Given the versatility of the CL25 and CL35 it is therefore possible to combine white light, UV and thermal imaging all in one fully integrated package.

Note also that the CLITE LED searchlight is available with an integrated thermal image option.

CLIR thermal image searchlights

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