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Luminell marine searchlights and LED lights

ColorLight CL15

This very powerful fixed spotlight utilises a 575W HMI HID lamp or an ultraviolet (UV) light source and ColorLight’s excellent design and engineering to provide long range fixed illumination forward or anywhere else desired

ColorLight CL15 and CL10 fixed spotlight

ColorLight fixed spotlights bring all of the engineering and design skills of the company to solutions where a simple fixed beam is required forward or aft.

The CL15 is offered in two options, either 575W HMI white light giving 1 lux at 3500m or 575W HMI UV light providing a range of 1200m. The latter is particularly suitable for oil spill detection and picking up fluorescent colours.

Power is 115-240V AC and the CL15 head weighs 25kg.

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